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SAP C4C– Simple Control of your screen with the Rule Editor

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One of the newer features of the Key User Tool (KUT) in C4C is the rule editor.  The purpose of the rule editor is support the control of fields on the view based on simple configuration. The controls that are currently available:

  1. Display a field based on rules
  2. Make a  field Mandatory based on rules
  3. Make a  field ‘Read only’ based on rules

The rules are based on JavaScript, so if you are familiar with this then looking at the generated rule should be easy to understand.

The JavaScript code runes locally on the desktop, so performance should be good as it  is only limited to the performance of your computer. Another feature of this is that the rules will also work in off-line mode, as there are no communication to the backend.

Let’s look at an examples using each of the above rules.


We will create a rule that if the ABC Classification of a customer is ‘A’ – then we will make it possible for the agent to enter how the we can best reach the customer. On the screen below we have the ABC Classification and the ‘Best Reached By’ field displayed. Using the configuration we will hide ‘Best Reached By’ unless the ABC Classification is entered as ‘A’.




How are rules configured?

Configuration of the rule is done via adaptation mode.





In Adaptation mode, when hovering over a field, we have the option of adding a rule:




Clicking on the rule icon we get the option for providing a rule, here we select ‘Visible’.




For this case we will provide a rule for when this field will be visible. Only if the customer is classified as an ‘A-Account’ will we ask the agent for this information.  When clicking on the ‘Rule’ the editor screen will open:




1) Is where we enter the name of the rule

2) Here we have all fields available when creating the rule

3) These are all the operations that can be used in the rule

4) Here we will see the code being built for the rule


Please see this short video, where I show how to create the rule as well as seeing the result.



As seen by the video, it is a very simple process to add a rule.


One thing to keep in mind is, that while you can create a very complex rule, the only thing you can control are the 3 behaviors, Display, Mandatory and Read Only of a field.