C4C Utilities – Creating the MDT for Guided Move-in

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This is just a set of screenshots of the MDT used in the blog describing how to activate the BADI for calling your own MDT.

Any coding or configuration examples provided in this document are only examples and are NOT intended for use in a productive system. The example is only done to better explain and visualize the topic.

It is possible to create many variants, but this one was tested and does work, so maybe it can be used as a reference when creating your own.

HINT – the Contract Account node is made ‘Dynamic’. This is to enable that we only have one MDT defined for creating both the Business Partner and the Contract Account. In the situation where the Business Partner ‘Create’ is selected from step 1 in the guided move-in procedure, only data for the Business Partner is passed to the MDT. If the Contract Account was not defined as ‘Dynamic’ the MDT would fail and that case.

If you would like to avoid configuring the MDT as dynamic, it would be possible to choose different MDT’s in the BADI based on what data is passed to the MDT.

Below just screen shot of the MDT used for the Enhancement implementation in my earlier blog.

The template category selected is ‘NEWCUST’.

What is selected for the Business Partner node.

What is selected for the Address Independent node.

Business Partner Address node.

Contract Account node.

That is, it.

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