Arduino clone from Ebay

A few weeks ago I tried to order a Arduino clone on Ebay, and it has finally arrived. On the board it states NHduino, so that is what I am going to call it for now.

Anyone interested – here is the link for Ebay where I ordered the NHduino. With a price of $4 dollars, including shipment, I was not really sure what to expect, and if it would even work.

I have included a couple of pictures before and after unwrapping the board.

It was mailed in this sealed plastic bag:


Front side:

Untitled 2



No cable was delivered with the board, and I had to go out and find one of my old USB cables with a micro USB adapter.

After hooking up the board to my laptop, the LED lit up and started to blink. So it looks like the microcontroller was already loaded with the Blink program, as the LED started flashing.

I made a quick test of loading the Blink program with some different intervals, just to ensure that I was able to program the microcontroller -and this small test worked out fine..

Based on this the very basic at least worked, and I will now try and include this in some future projects, to see  what problems I am able to get myself in to :)